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Solamat 90 - Solid and compact dry cleaning

The stable sole cleaning machine Solamat 90 has four brushes, which counter-rotate and clean the soles from below. Two lateral disk brushes clean the edges of the soles. Brushed off dirt falls into the large dirt collecting tray. This tray can be easily emptied. The ergonomically shaped handrail provides the user with firm hold.

  • Compact design
  • Powerful, robust motor
  • Smooth running on account of round belt drive
Technical data Solamat 90
Dimensions (W x L x H) 460 x 560 x 1140 mm
Weight 47 kg
Drive Round belt drive with high-power motor
Brushes 4 rotary brushes and 2 round ones (nylon)
Upper leather brush -
Starter Foot sensor with timer
Mains connection 230 Volt (110 Volt optional), 180 Watt, 750 rpm.
Extraction volume -
Filter classes -
ESD versions (optional)
Paint of casing / bow (RAL) graphite (7022) / red (3020)
agate-grey (7038) / black (9005)


Optional accessory: Solamat scraper grate

The scraper grate collects dirt in front of the machine

Collecting tray can be easily emptied