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Welcome to HEUTE!

Technical cleanness is gaining ever growing importance in enterprises: Stricter regulations on labour safety and maximum requirements on hygiene. Also the customers demand for ever improved cleanness - who really wants to buy contaminated products or packages or offer them for resale? And last, but not least, cleanness in manufacturing plants, workshops and stores plays an important role for a positive image.

Technical cleanness concerns all the branches: Automotive, food, chemical and other industrial enterprises are in need of reliable solutions for contamination problems. We offer a wide-range programme of cleaning equipment meeting specific requirements, be it dry or wet cleaning. Referring to this programme, we can efficiently assist you in reducing contamination to a large extent on your premises:

  • Minimising the introduction of dirt in production and administrative areas
  • Improved labour safety through surefootedness and stability with clean profiles.
  • Cleaning locks reduce the time expenditure required for observance of hygiene rules.
  • Improved environmental protection
  • Maintenance friendly

We invite you to make yourself familiar with the details of our cleaning equipment and we are convinced that we have the appropriate system meeting your needs. We do not only offer our standard systems but also individual special solutions tailored to your plant.

Kind regards,

Christian Löwe (Managing Director)